Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Technology Tuesday

It's "Becky Techie Time!"  (I only wish my name was Becky so that I could really make this work!)

The piece of technology that I whole-heartedly recommend is great little app called Museum Box.  This is an app that allows students to "curate" what they find during research (i.e. photos/images, sounds, videos, PowerPoint presentations, weblinks, etc.) and share their findings with the world in a cute little "box" that has multiple cubbies.  Each cubbie holds a cube, and it is on the sides of the cubes that the research is stored.

One huge plus to this is that the teacher must approve the box before it is finally published, so accountability runs high...and you, the teacher, have a ton of control!

I tried it out on my fourth and fifth grade research class during the last trimester of school and the vote was unanimous:  they LOVED Museum Box!  Many students said that having a place to "store" their ideas and research finding was really helpful to organizing their project.  One student asked if they could use their Museum Box as a bibliography (makeshift, but it worked!).

This app takes a little bit of time to get approved and it is a British site...so set it up for your next class of kiddos sooner rather than later.  With your sign up (which is free), you also get access to other great learning apps on this site.

Simply...the best kept secret out there for intermediate students and their teachers who love sharing with them!

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