Sunday, December 16, 2012

Silence for Sandy Hook Elementary

Friday was an ordinary day.  Teachers dressed for work and pulled together the final few items they needed to make an ordinary Friday feel extraordinary for their little ones.  A principal went over the mental notes needed to organize the day ahead.  Parents kissed their little ones and sent them off to a school day filled with learning and laughter.

But Friday was far from ordinary...extraordinary circumstances turned classroom teachers and a principal into heroes...small children became leaders as they helped their classmates out of a catastrophe that none of us can ever imagine.

Our weapons are few...we come only with quick minds and more love than any one heart can really hold.

And as we've all watched from the sidelines with horror, one thing stands out...this could be any of us, on any given day.

Aside from my faith, the only thing that gives me hope is that I know of NOT ONE SINGLE TEACHER who wouldn't do the same as our brave colleagues at Sandy Hook.  That's right...every teacher I have ever known would do the same...put their lives behind that of their students.

In honor of the staff and students at Sandy Hook Elementary, I'm observing a day of silence.

At this time of the year, under these circumstances, it would be easy to just take the path of least resistance and get by for the next few days.

On Monday, in their honor, I'm teaching OUT OF MY MIND!  For them.  For my kiddos.  For the families who trust me with the ultimate honor...teaching their children.  For me.  

Join me.

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