Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Have You Been Bumped?

Ask my students and they'll say "Yes.  I've been Bumped."  Now...of course being "bumped" isn't a good thing when you've got a hot cup of coffee in your hand or when you are traveling by plane, but if you are bumping using the Bump App, then chances are, you are being quite productive and having a good time too!

The Bump App is a free app that can be used on your mobile devices.  The App Store and Google's Play Store both offer this free app.  It works great on your smart phone and on your iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Here's how it works...when two mobile devices with the Bump App are bumped together they can share photos, files, etc.  You can also bump files from your phone to your computer.  This can be pretty useful in moving photos you take with your phone to your computer.

With Bump, you aren't actually bumping the are bumping hands that hold the devices.  

Bump is a great way to allow sharing and it is also quite fun.  Students collaborating on a project can simply bump their files over to another student in their group.

A friend takes a terrific photo and simply "bumps" it over to your device.

Bump also has an app for gaming...pretty cool stuff!

My 11-year-old son and I have just started using this to share files between our iPads and are having lots of fun with this.  My students love this too!  I'd love to hear about your bumping experiences!

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