Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Surprise! A Great Resource About Great Books

Good morning!  I'm feeling extra bloggy this morning and have been a posting maniac, but I wanted to share with you a terrific resource for finding amazing books written by...get eleven-year-old boy!

Erik is "spot on" in his reviews of great books.  Another plus?  Most of my reluctant readers (including my own eleven-year-old) are boys.  So...I can steer my reluctant readers towards Erik's blog and get some really great ideas, including some great reads that aren't necessarily "mainstream" straight from a kid's get it.  How great is that?

Another wonderful thing about this blog?  Erik's parents have plenty of control on his blog life and make no bones about it.  They let you know throughout this blog who is "large and in charge!"  So safety is a must and his parents are modeling the type of online parent involvement that we'd all like to see.

Mosey on over to check out Erik's'll be glad you did!


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