Sunday, January 5, 2014

Monday Made It...January 2014 Edition

Wow!  I wasn't sure that I would be able to join in the fun at Tara's Monday Made It, but a cold Arctic blast has basically closed every school in the state of Wisconsin and Minnesota, so, I felt like I could splurge a bit and take a few moments to expand on my "Word Snow Globe" idea that I put together before the holidays hit like a ton of bricks!

In my last post, I shared some super cute and really fun snow globes that I made for word work in my holiday spelling unit.  I thought about trying these little honeys out with colored rice instead of water, and so this is what I came up with:

Have I told you how much I.  LOVE.  THESE.  Honestly...why haven't I made these sooner?

I started with these great little 6-packs of storage containers from Dollar Tree.

Dollar Tree also carries an 8-pack of these containers, but they are just a "skooosh" smaller than the 6-pack and I'm not convinced these would work quite as nice as their larger cousins.  The number on the back of these is 3927777607.  One thing that I'm not in love with about Dollar Tree is that not every locale carries the same product, so I thought I'd include the SKU number for you...just in case.

I substituted out the water for colored rice and added a couple little pony beads to help move things around a bit in the little containers.  (If you are ever wondering "why the pony beads?", put some of these together and see how much better stuff moves around with some heavier junk in the container!)

Each container includes one of this week's spelling words, spelled out in individual letter beads.  Your students search for all of the letters in the container, write them on my Snow Globe Sheet, and then unscramble their letters to arrive at one of this week's spelling words.  It's really pretty simple.

A simple number sticker or a reference number written in Sharpie marker makes for quick identification and corrections by the teacher or as a self-correct by your kiddos.  (I always love it when I can reach into my scrapbook stash and use up some of those number stickers that I NEVER use!)

My thirdies love this activity, but they did find it a bit challenging, so this is a really great Word Work station of intermediate grades (3-5).  I can't wait to try these out this week!

Remember, "sharing is caring," so why not make a second set for your partner-in-crime?  If you aren't feeling that lovey dovey, at least share my post with a colleague, a new teacher, or your grade level buddies...I'd love to have you stop by my blog sometime!

Stay warm!



  1. This is looks like a fun activity! Thanks for sharing!!!


  2. So very cute! Thanks for sharing. Yes, it is so odd that Dollar Tree doesn't carry the same thing...even in the same town. We have three Dollar Trees where I live. Stay warm!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

    1. So glad you stopped by Alison! Have a great week of teaching and learning with your kids!

  3. That looks like an awesome activity! Thanks for sharing, I think my third graders would love it!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

    1. I know that it isn't necessarily easy for my third graders...which makes this the perfect word work station! Enjoy!

  4. What a great idea! I will definitely be able to do that with my kiddos. Glad to be your newest follower!

    Diary of a Grumpy Teacher

    1. Glad to have you join in the fun Mai! I'm looking forward to ambling on over to your blog in a bit! Stay warm!

  5. I love this idea! Looks really easy to put together, too! Thanks for sharing!

    Learning in the Little Apple

    1. I was super easy to pull together...I could see a ton of variations! Thanks for stopping by!