Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mentor Text: Otter and Odder

It's another Mentor Text Tuesday and I'm afraid that I am a bit behind, so I'll just have to play "ketchup" and share a couple of great mentor texts.  In fact, today I'll include a bonus mentor text...just because!

Ok...Otter and Odder:  A Love Story by James Howe is just a hair bit goofy.  There just aren't that many children's books where a carnivore falls head-over-heels in love with his lunch.  This is definitely a fresh take on a love story...after all, who wouldn't fall in love with a story like this?  I also adore Chris Raschka's childlike crayon illustrations.  Who wouldn't?

This mentor text has a sweet lead and a voice that pulls the reader under, just like the diving otter.  My writers loved this story and it was amazing how many of them tried to emulate Howe's writing style and add a little humor to their seed ideas.

Otter and Odder is one book I'll be buying to keep in my Writer's Workshop book basket.  I can see returning to this time and again for other mini-lessons:

  • Hyphenation
  • Dialogue
  • Using parenthesis to showcase "side ideas"
Just like the bark of the aspen tree or a shiny red apple, this story is just "sooooooo good!"  (You'd have to read the story to see what I mean!)



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