Sunday, July 22, 2012

Looking for Cheesehead Bloggers

It's like a 12-Step Program..."Hi.  I'm Nikki.  And I'm a teaching blog stalker."

I've been out there, really looking at some pretty amazing blogs out there since the start of last school year.  Prior to that, blogs weren't really on my radar. thing I've noticed is that there are these "blogging communities" that actually get together from time to time.  I've watched in awe as these wonderful groups from Florida, Arizona, California, Florida and Texas connect live and in person.

I've also noticed that bloggers from other states are out there too...but there doesn't seem to be quite the numbers that these other states have.  And, to the best of my knowledge, I have yet to run into a Wisconsin teacher blogger...

So...I'm asking the question, "Are you a teacher blogger from Wisconsin?"  If not a blogger, then a blog peruser or blog browser?   These two sound much nicer than stalker, don't they?

If you are a Cheesehead, drop me a quick email or, better yet, jump on board and join my followers!  We may never be able to have a really cool Florida beach day or a fiesta on a great riverwalk in a giant state, but we can always connect at a tailgate in the future.

Ya!  Who knows?



  1. I had one of those little colorful containers from the container store for years. I loved it and kept my spacers in it!

    Your newest follower,

  2. Hi. I'm Leanne. And I'm a teacher blogger AND stalker. AND I'm from Wisconsin, eh? Just fell upon this post and wanted to reach out! Greetings from Fort Atkinson, WI! Have you found more bloggin' cheesehead teachers?

  3. Hi Leanne! You have the distinction of being THE ONLY Wisconsin blogger/stalker that has responded to me. I'm only about 1 hour from you in Orfordville (between Janesville and Beloit). I teach 4th grade in Monroe.

    Do you teach in Fort? If so, which school? I have a friend who teaches at Luther and a former brother-in-law that I think teaches at the middle school.

    My sister-in-law is a librarian at the Dwight Foster library and she and her significant other live right in Fort.

    Lots of good mojo going on in Fort!

    Glad to have touched base with you!


    1. Nikki - Sorry I haven't responded to this until almost a year and a half later! I was at Barrie Elementary for 9 years teaching 4th grade and now teach at our middle school. Who are the people you know? I visit the public library too so I may even know your sister-in-law. Lots of great connections!